John Paul Jackson updates “Perfect Storm” message

Prophetic minister John Paul Jackson has updated his Perfect Storm video in the above clip.

The original can be viewed here.

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5 Responses to John Paul Jackson updates “Perfect Storm” message

  1. bill wise says:

    this is awesome and timely i have had a few dreams that coinside with this prophecy,thank you for being a vessel to wake america up from its slumber

  2. Judy Berry says:

    I have loved prophecy for a long time and all the endtime dreams I have had in the past prove this is all coming to pass. Jesus is coming soon and we need to be always looking for ways to share Him with others. I thank you for sharing so openly and being so honest and humble in your giftings. God is using you to prepare those who will listen to get ready for this storm. Persection comes to you as it does to me for even showing but I would rather offend people than my Jesus. May He strenghten us as we move more into God’s soon to come Kingdom and at the same time experience strong oppostion from the enemy camp. God bless!
    Judy Berry, Kenedy, Texas

  3. ed says:

    He said last year it would get worse as the year goes on, HE WAS WRONG, he is as bad as pat robertson saying that a nuclear attack was going to hit america a few years ago. These bozo false preachers should be taken off the air, they are confused and lying to the public.

  4. Linda Schwatken says:

    I believe as time goes on darkness will decend upon this nation. Some things will only take a short time and other things will take longer. Scripture does not give the kind of detail that John Paul Jackson does but it fits. Things are gearing up in the middle east and the Jews are all but ready to build the temple. This is big! The computer chips for human use have been created and dispersed throughout the world. It has even been rumored that concentration camps and blades have been made for guillotines, so, why do I not believe what he has said? Time is coming to an end as we know it. The Rapture of the Church could come anytime, especially in this generation.
    God Bless, everyone and get Saved in the name of Jesus before it is too late.

  5. manon werner says:

    Jeremiah 9:17-21

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