John Paul Jackson’s “Perfect Storm” prophecy

John Paul Jackson released a word recently about a “perfect storm” of crises coming against our nation. Although not all our readers believe in the present-day ministry of prophecy, I have always had respect for Jackson’s ministry and wanted to pass along this new video in which explains what he believes God has shown him is about to happen. Even those who are committed cessationists sometimes acknowledge that there is a prophesied time of Holy Spirit activity at the end of the age. Fans of Paul Washer’s preaching ministry may recognize the same tone of urgency. There are interesting discussions on natural disasters, the economy, abortion, Islam, etc. So I ask you to view this with prayerful consideration.

A written synopsis of the teaching can be found here.

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89 Responses to John Paul Jackson’s “Perfect Storm” prophecy

  1. John says:

    A loving God warns us in advance when a nations disobedience is about to bring difficult times. I believe this prophecy and am making sure I live a holy life and seek His face throughout every day. I thank John Paul Jackson for loving God and the United States of America enough to come forth with this prophecy.

  2. Linda Schwatken says:

    I have heard people say that what is coming is going to be worse than the Dirty Thirties. The people that have lived through the Dirty Thirties say we will make it or they simply do not seem to care because they are near their own deaths. Everything that you have said is scriptural and I have no doubt about it. One thing, though, I have been taught that the Rapture of the Church could happen at any time and that the bad things that are coming is something that Christians will not have to live through. I believe we may have to live through some of it before the curses written about are in the Book of Revelations come to pass.
    I read a couple of articles about Haliburton being contracted to make blades for guillotines and that there was a company named Mondex in Florida that makes one billion computer chips a year and sends them all over the world for future implantation into peoples right hands or foreheads (the Mark of the Beast). And the Jews are finishing their last minute preparations for the building of the third temple in Jerusalem. Everything seems to be in place for the end but until the Jews in Jerusalem actually start to build the third temple, then, we are to look up for our redemption draweth nigh. I am wondering if the antichrist himself will give the go ahead for the building of the thrid temple since he is the one who will confirm a covenant with Israel for seven years?

  3. Darrell says:

    John Paul what you are saying is true but the time line could be diffrent by why dont you tell that simon maggus popeish rome has brought this on us threw the Charity and Truth encitcle on the world ecomic systoms that all roads lead to rome the false Christ and god on earth check out the Dr.E.L. Martin Simon Peter vs Simon Maggus the true anti-christ the Martin Luther, Adam Clark, Matthew Henrey,and many others in the early church, we must wake up in America!

  4. Stephanie says:

    My church was on it’s 21 days of fasting and praying. I was at my sink filling up a water jug when God spoke to me. He told me to stock water, canned goods and money. He didn’t tell me when or why, this is all I heard Him say. I began to tell other’s about this, only to find out that they had already been doing this. A lady at work told me that her Bishop had prophesied 7 years ago that there would be 7 years of provision but after that, we would need to have stocked up at least 6 months of provisions. The end of the 7th year ends this year, 2011. I know that when I talk to people they are going to think that I’m crazy but I feel an ergency to get this word out. What is the best way to do this? I live in Humble Texas

  5. Wayne Fenton says:

    I believe what was prophesied is very true. However God is a God of mercy6. I believe even now He`s calling to Himself a special people who will be a people after His own heart. Those people will be endued with poer from on High and perform
    miracles, signs and wonders to keep the faith alive and convert sinners to Him.
    I believe through these difficult times there will be such a Revival this world has never witnessed before. Praise God.

  6. Juhuan says:

    I wish people will read the Bible and learn from what God says rather than from charlatans who delusion themselves! Wake up people!!!!!

    There is only one God, many false PROFITS!!!!!!!

  7. Deb says:

    3 years ago I felt the Lord tell me” you have 10 years”. I feel it is to prepare.
    I had a dream with an increasing storm coming down. It got thicker and thicker.
    Recently I had a dream a volcano in USA blew its top 3 separate times. I agree with getting ready and seeking God earnestly. Store food .Get ready and pray. Receive a strategy from on high to help yourself and family and others. We store food to help others in the future.
    God is just in all His ways and kind in all His doings..He has to bring us to righteousness and to cry out to Him. Ask Him specifics. He will answer.

  8. Mary Ann says:

    Juhauan…the Bible is clear about what will happen in the last days/ How can you call a person a false prophet (profit) who is warning the church to be awakened and prepared during perilous times?

  9. Dennis says:

    Economists and observers of American history have been warning this day was coming for a long time without an additional Word from the Lord besides written in scripture. I for one do not believe Jackson’s words are from the Lord because of his affiliation with false teacher Benny Hinn. I do believe bad times are coming but to buy Jackson’s book is unwise, pray for God’s instruction, repent of sin as I must. You are a priest of your own temple, act like i, and pray. Too many people are selling books to make an living off them and 2 Peter 2:3, is being fulfilled, …and they will make merchandise of you”. All John Paul Jackson had to do was to read a small portion of the myriad of books for 100 to 200 years warning America what was coming. An unbelievably large number of books written by people who saw God’s prophetic word being fulfilled in bad economics and politics. Get your instructions in prayer from the Lord, do not buy Jackson’s books.

  10. g nell land says:

    ignore the skeptic, obey the Lord,
    ” git’er done ” John P. J.
    We’re prayin’ for ya.

  11. Wendell(Gershon) Bryant says:

    There are always naysayers.Then there are Ezek 33 watchmen ( I have been one since ’89. Proverbs says, “A prudent man see the evil coming and hides himself, but the evil man doesnt and is consumed”(my wording). One can only tell what one sees, he is like a weatherman(Ezek prophet). I am not sent to save, just warn. But as here, that is rarely appreciated. Read Ezekiel 33 before letting loose the barking about this and that. Remember these words, “touch not mine annointed and do my prophets no harm”.It is a dangerous gesture to judge with out guidance from the spirit of God. The Ruach Hakodesh The Holy Spirit in his power, whom few people know. FINIS…

  12. Wendell(Gershon) Bryant says:

    One more input here if I may. There is the logos word of El Elyon, God. Then there is the Rhema word tht comes form an intimate relationship with Adonai, spending time in prayer, seeking the deeper things of God. ” Deep seeks after deep”, the deeper things of God including revelations of future events. 2nd week of April The word of the Lord came to me that “widowmaker” storms were coming. The did in devestating ways. Hundreds died but many WERE WARNED ! 5 weeks ago and even last tuesday morn, warning of impending e-quakes wer dispatched. 3 hours after the tuesday word went out, the 5.8 hit. being visionary/prophetic is not a glamour work , it isnt easy. AS Solomon put it.” with great knowledge comes great responsibility, and great grief many times comes with the responsibilty”. Noone in their right (natural) mind should wnt to be a prophet. The cost is too high the responsibilty unreal. This why God Elohim qualifies the true prophet, not man……………………………..FINIS.

  13. Wendell(Gershon) Bryant says:

    We are in the biblical number 11 year. 5771 on the prophetic calander. Number 11 means basically “chaos”. It began a the beginning of the Hebrew year 5771 last fall. 5772 begins Oct 1. This last month of 5771 is September. I have an urgency about htis coming month beginning Wednesday The closer we have come to the beginning of this last month on the prophetic calendar, the more instances of disaster looms ahead. I have a premonition that September is going to be an eventful month. Prepare your hearts..NOW….Remember the Proverb aforementioned…FINIS…

  14. Pastor D.J.Perinbaraj says:

    Last Adam Life Giving Spirit’s Ministries (Registered)
    53/5, Periyar St, Sadanandapuram, Chennai-600063.Tamil Nadu, India.
    Gospel Minister. D.J.,M.A(Psy),M.Th.

    Church Members (I am in middle of them)

    Church Building (I am in the middle of them)

    Baptism given by me Family Photo (My elder son Hosanna Dorvic
    Amen, wife Premila Emima, younger son
    Sansanna Christ and Me)

    I am a full time Gospel Preacher (Pastor) in our rural area which is filled by poor ungodly people, who are worshiping myth idols, most are dying without Jesus the Lord, I stole 48 souls from the Satan’s castle for our Lord through miraculous Gospel of Christ, still they are coming to worship the Lord in every Sunday with their family, those who are very strong in faith.
    We have more work here for the Lord but which is going slow because lack of money, three years before a church in Texas supported me, established three congregations in different places in our rural area. Now I am in newly started Church.
    I have two sons- 1.Hosanna Dorvic Amen 2.Sansanna Christ and wife Premila Emima
    My wife is juvenile diabetic, insulin dependent, two children studying, every day We are suffering for proper food, insulin for wife, school fees for children, every month need rent… etc. therefore I could not do our Lords work properly. Daily I should search for their needs. All nation knows about India is non Christian country, how they can feed us? Someone should send us to preach (Romans: 10:14, 15). You may be the sender of me. Please support me financially, I will happy with my family in the Lord, because I will preach about our Redeemer’s sacrifice to ungodly people. Please feed my family, I will sprinkle His seeds to infertile land in our rural area.

    My address is
    D.J.Perinbaraj Bsc(Chem),M.A(Psy)
    53/5,Periyar st, Sadanandapuram,Chennai-600063,India.

    I request you with very humble Please adopt my Ministry.
    Thanking you
    God our Father may increase you abundantly in Spiritually and worldly blessings.
    Yours in HIS love

  15. K.C. says:

    Prophet Jackson I just watched the Joni Lamb show and I am thankful to God for your ministry. I first took notice last year while you were interpreting dreams on the show. I saw a spirit of purity and contriteness before God illuminating from you that I have discerned in very few television ministers nowadays. Keep allowing Father to use you, for He is definitely with you. I know it’s not easy, but there are more for you than against you (as evidenced by these posts). I am praying for you man of God. I am also praying for the couple of individuals who have postured themselves to be used of satan to speak against the vessel God is clearly using thus speaking against God Himself. It is best to take it before God in prayer without pride and presumption when you don’t understand rather than publicly blaspheming the Spirit of the Lord speaking through His servants, the prophets. I am reminded of the pharisees and sadducees who accused Jesus of casting out demons by beelzebub. A kingdom divided against itself can not stand. John Paul is a vessel God is using and it is best to keep your mouth off of him. I am praying for you as well for you know not what you do.

  16. Anu Närhi says:

    The words thatJackson speaks should allways to compare th Bible and I should not see any big differencies in those prophesies. Hard times are ahead of us.

  17. BJ says:

    I have followed this ministery for years. I too believe John Paul. This is not the time to critize. He is a man after GOD’s HEART. Let us unite in prayer as we are commanded to do for each-other. It’s about believing ,praying,fasting and hearing from our LORD….

  18. I watched the “Perfect Storm” video, when I read Matt 24, it mirrors it right down the line, why would we NOT pay attention, and get ready? it would be insane not to? When Clinton was new in office, I went to see John Macalvaney one night in Seattle, (meeting started at 7:00 pm) he had so much information concerning America, many of which has come to pass, and is still unfolding, but I got home after midnight, woke the wife up and we decided right then to prepare, and I was making hardly any money at that time, but we used wisdom, and coupons, and whatever!! but we did NOT just blow it off and think…”Oh the Lord will drop bags of potatoes at our door!!” that`s FOOLISHNESS! not to mention just plain lazy! Come on folks…please, I know we can`t do this with worldly fear, we must have Heavenly Wisdom, put away some food, water, medical supplies, tools, toilet paper, bleach, dried fruit and veggies, there are numerous sites to go to for ALL the information anyone needs for survival goods, but use wisdom, many of the catalogs for survival gear and supplies come out of UTAH, that means it`s more than likely a Mormon owned company, do NOT Support them! buy your Organic, Heirloom seeds NOW!!!!! prepare your gardens NOW!! learn how to do some skills to help others, we`re going to need each other, and for Heaven sake…don`t tell everyone what you have stored, remember the Word…”The love of many shall wax cold” brother will be against brother…etc… your coworkers who hear you discussing what you have, know where you live and will file that information away and all bets are off when they are starving! walk in Wisdom, not fear! Hope for the Best to Come, but prepare for the worst as well. Pray.Pray. PRAY for the Lords return. Amen?
    God bless all of you

  19. Debra Sexton says:

    I have had some dreams about the days to come too, and I agree with John about his future visions. We must fast and pray for God’s directions for the troubled times coming in the future and now. Many of us are going to be tested and purified in the tribulation that is here now and in the near future. We must be ready for what is coming and have strong faith and patience! The Lord will never leave us or forsake us!!!!!

  20. Elly Riemert says:

    Last night i was surfing t.v. channels and stopped at this program
    with speaker John Paul Jackson, had never heard of him before but
    he certainly got my attention. I started stocking up canned food last
    year and sometimes i said to myself you are silly for doing this, but
    deep in my heart i knew this was the right thing to do. Now i now that
    this was not my own thinking, but inspired by God and i thank John Paul
    for following God’s instructions for warning His people !

    If you have pets, don’t forget to stock up for them also, Elly

  21. Denise Noyes says:

    HE RELENTS OF DOING HARM…This is the Day, that the Lord is Relenting.Because He loves us so much.We are His Children,yet we have become a nation that has turned from God. As I keep each day a vigilant ear to the Lord,He shares His heart with me.He has said that the people who call themselves His aren’t understanding that He can be with them if they humble themselves,and sacrifice their own beliefs and assumptions to take on His.To empty themselves at the altar fully,that He may fill them with truth.It’s the subtle lies…the idea that God approves of man honoring the pastors rather than taking a full day,in prayer with your children,read the word,seeking God together as a couple.Your guaranteed salvation is that you take the first commands of God. If you want to go to Church on Sunday,O.K….but first realise that Saturday is the Day to receive instruction from the Lord,and He will show you Himself what He expects from you.The word clearly states that there’s no need for any man to teach you,the He will teach you.Unfortunately,the man made churches of today have become gravely without the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.If you think you can put yourself and children in the hands of churches without the Holy Spirit guiding them,and remember it’s you and your family that God has put you to be the head over.Don’t hold on to old traditions of men…and please don’t think that man’s independence of the Holy Spirit will be ignored by God.The Holy Spirit is the Lord’s Power…and not that warm feeling that gushes over you when you praise God.The enemy will place himself in the place of worship,to show himself that he is god.Then you accept the lie,and a subtle voice injected hear and there in a sermon…pretty soon you’ve accepted a concept from satan,and you don’t understand where you went wrong when the Lord turns you away because He says He doesn’t know you. The truth is in the quiet place,where the Lord Himself will answer you.Don’t think the Lord would mislead you when you ask Him.Don’t put strong belief in a man or woman that calls themselves something of the Lord,if you haven’t checked with the Lord.Jesus is as real as you and I are.He has hugged me,and I’ve actually felt His arms around me.If you put your faith in man,you will get some mankind teachings,but when you begin to trust what you cannot see ,but have the Faith He has given you inside as a gift,I promise you,you’ll finally know the true peace that the Lord sent to HIS DISCIPLES through the HOLY SPIRIT. It shouldn’t be difficult for you to get this.If it is,it’s SATAN MESSING WITH YOU<THROUGH UNBELIEF.

  22. Arthur Hernandez says:

    If their are those still out there who question if what you have read is not true…..
    then the simplest solution is this; Ask God to reveal to you by His Holy Spirit
    if this man John Paul Jackson words are from The Throne of God or not. If you
    hear, then you will know. Very simple.
    Now spread the word.

  23. lc says:

    can you please tell me if the LORD showed you anything about Louisiana.

  24. Nick says:

    Hi – we’ve posted your comment but you should know that we are not connected with john Paul Jackson’s ministry.

  25. L.M.Veiver says:

    About, John Paul Jackson, I can only say, be prepared I have seen the same things when I was in bed with paralized symptoms for ten years. Don’t try to forget to create a nice, good world. Enyoy the good life we are having and all the things to come.
    All these hard times to come, not all will be involved, will all end in good times too. Don’t forget.

    God bless you all
    Lots of love from Lidwina, the Netherlands

  26. savio says:

    i truely believe what john paul has said , in 2007 a great prophet in india passed away – Dr DGS Dinakaran – Jesus calls ministries . All prophecies made by this man of god have come true. Before his death , Jesus told him that the the end was near and the world had 20 to 30 years more. This prophecy was given to him before his death. Most of the prophecies given have pointed out a 20 to 30 year window – from 2007 onward. We have difficult times ahead – but he spirit of the lord will protect – he has kept his best seed for the end times . Pray for a outpouring of his spirit

  27. Craig says:

    I know that when prophetic people minister at home groups, they are definitely being guided by the Holy Spirt, and what they say is so right on. But, as time goes on, I believe “big name” prophetic types less and less. People that appear on Daystar and TBN I believe less and less.

    “The coming economic woes of 2012″ huh Mr. Jackson? Well, I believe things continue to go south, but would you at least have enough of a pair to admit that you are wrong so far? And if 2012 passes, and you were wrong….

  28. Nick says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily say that prophetic ministry is more reliable because it is delivered in a home group…

    As far as 2012, we’re barely over 50% through it!

  29. Yes, today we will be watching the news on the East coast, ready for the hurricane. Things are escalating to what everyone knew what would happen as so when we read the Bible. God’s word is the truth and it is now a belief with the non believers that are being told what to expect. As a christian, I do believe in an all Good God, so Yes, I pray for the redemption of all souls who are still weak, I pray for all and every human being that can feel the wrath of God, but come to redemption and a true belief of our savior and you will come out ok. God bless.

  30. Craig says:

    Well is the fiscal cliff the economic woe of 2012? Other than that things have been rather uneventful wouldn’t you say? I mean no the economy hasn’t recovered. This recession started in December/2007, and in December/2012 will be 5 years where basically nothing has changed. But, what are the woes of 2012? The fiscal cliff wont happen until 1/1/2013–that is if it does, and it very well may. But what are the woes of 2012 Mr. Jackson? You talked about it like it was some huge catastrophic thing.

    I’ll tell you I am not going to believe or listen to big name or internet prophetic types anymore. I am thankful though for all the good “words” I have received from small time home group prophetic Christians as they are always right on and such a blessing and an encouragement. And they are really hearing from the Lord.

  31. Gibbs Tineyi Nyarambi says:

    i need prayer for a financial breakthrough.iam in debt.i had a dream where there were cats in my bed with money saying they cant go back because they came from abroad.i also had a dream where there was a dead man in my car,this car has broken down and it cant be repaired.everything i try to do fails.My water and electricity have been disconnected,i have no money for my chidren school fees.

  32. Craig says:

    Well, OK. I’m not going to say anything bad. I’m just saying I’m not listening to “big name” prophetic names and especially the ones on the big Christian TV networks.


  33. Pat White says:

    I can tell you without any doubt, and I listened closely to John Paul, there was such a witness of the Holy Spirit of truth that I don’t know how any real born-again Christian could call him a false prophet. You can either believe God or these accusers of the brethren (and there are many). Many things he said I have also heard from the Lord. Spend your accusing time with getting to know God and He will speak to you too. You, that don’t believe God and think that you are called to KILL prophets ——You need to go and come again and I mean all the way back. Get filled with the Holy Spirit of God. Don’t you see how our nation, our churches and our families have become so divided? Such a spirit of Jealously. (among others ) AND you aren’t helping. God help us in these trying times.

  34. mike says:

    The Woes of 2012 ..The Woes of 2012..(the words repeated)..That’s JPJ heard from an angel with deep voice..Riot is coming after presidential election prepared by Oct 2012, food, water, flashlight etc..Today is March 24th, 2013. He talked about this on Joni table talk, his ministry’s video.. I was so tensed by December 2012 especially when it was approaching Christmas.. nothing happened! My family was mad at me because of JPJ. I sold my condo in hurry $25,000 less than market price because I wanted to sell it asap before the riot! I bought it another hard asset for trade. If JPJ never said all the above, I would have sold my condo at the market price. Oh JPJ, are you a true prophet??? Because of you, I m no longer to listen anybody like you any more. I’d love to listen a true prophet but whom? all crooks are preying around. False prophets will get what they plant. That’s all I can say.

  35. Margi T. says:

    I have been a Christian 65 yrs. Filled with the Spirit over 40yrs. My life has been given to ministry as He has directed both in the USA and Communist countries. I have suffered many things, some of my own making. My commitment to my Lord, His Word and His neverfailing Grace have brought me to my 70th year. I vertually unknown except to my Father and several hundred people He has led me to speak of His Life. Living in prayer, fasting, and study of The Word has given me a certain measure of discernment, though my “frame is dust”. God spoke to me 2 yrs. ago “Days of sorrow are coming quickly”. Accuse the brethren with great “fear” (respect). Consider Jonah- his prophetic word did not come to pass, as he declared! A false prophet? Listen carefully, consider your responces even more carefully! I ask in His Name not rebuke an elder whom you have never had the opportunity to know personally

  36. Margi T. says:

    63yrs. a believer, Spiritfilled 40yrs. Praying, fasting, Wordstudy, and ministry in USA and Communist countries. I have suffered much, some of my own making. I know my “frame is dust”. It concerns me that there is such a need in some to discredit the words of someone they have no personal knowledge about. Remember the prophet Jonah? How was his message fulfilled? False prophet? Be very cautious in your rebuke of an elder! Your comments will live on long after the internet, t.v. or books other than The Word of God. Your time might be better spent witnessing to the lost. Open your heart for the work God has for you and prepare for the “armchair Christians” criticism! God bless you and John Paul Jackson!

  37. Debby says:

    Our Lord says “my sheep will hear my voice” Seek the Lord for His direction.
    He began to speak to me in 2003, telling me to sell property and get ready to ride out the coming tribulation.Not to count on the worlds system for anything. I do not believe the false “rapture” teachings. I can read and count; scriptures says the Lord Jesus comes at the 7th trump. There is no promise of believers escaping the coming tribulation through a “rapture” before the darkness falls.

    Other believers are also being directed by the Spirit of the Lord.
    Get right with the Lord and stay in His word in order to hear Him. We must renew our minds with the Word of God and not conform to the pattern of the World. Romans 12:2 With the Lord direction we will be the light.

  38. David Roland says:

    Woes of 2012! Didn’t happen JPJ. False prophet.

  39. JPR says:

    Yep. Nothing really come true and as the bible says : a false prophet predicts but God brings to fruition. The bible warned us about false prophets and also that the end of times is not for man to determine. Maybe some of these prophets do feel that they hear from God but JP is definitely on the wrong road with his teachings. It seems that most of the contributors to programs on Daystar TV lately is there to sell us some rubbish to enrich themselves. Jesus cleared the temple from false merchants that used God’s house for personal gain. Be afraid Be very afraid if YOU are doing this JP. I pray that the Holy Spirit will rebuke you to correct your teachings.

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